The Advantage of Going to A Marriage Counsellor


It is important for people to know what type of person they are falling in love with because they might change once you have progressed in your relationship and leave wondering who you have ended up with.  It is important for the couple to look for a counsellor who can help them get through the difficult situation they are facing. There are many counsellors compared to the past since they can give you a hint of what is wrong in the relationship and help you communicate openly.

What to Consider When Hiring a Counsellor

Counsellors at Dr. Quintal & Associates are there to help the couple by giving them advice on how they can live together in harmony and understand each other’s position.  Choosing a counsellor means they should have experience and have gone to reputable institutions for training which equips their counselling skills as time goes by.  Consultations are important so ensuring you have attended them will give the counsellor room to study the case and the couple to know if they can work together.

Websites often guide couples to know what services they should expect from the counsellor and see how professional they are when it comes to service delivery.  A good counsellor will always have positive reviews so ensure you check their website to see what they have to offer in the long run.  If you want to save time then you can always look for a people who have the services before and you trust them to recommend the best couple counsellor. Read more here!

How to Live with A Controlling Person

Some control can be beneficial especially if you want to adapt to a new way of life but it can affect people close to you if it is done not kept within the boundaries. In some cases, people will not realize they are controlling people around them and so little is done to fix the problem.  Controlling people are not courageous or be a natural leader but they might feel a loneliness which they should be accepted by people either willingly or unwillingly. Learn more about counseling at

It can be difficult to know who is being dominated in a relationship since the couple are both struggling to see who has more control over the relationship.  Parents also want to control the behaviour of their children which leads to rebellious behaviour which can be carried on to adult life and will find a partner they can rebel against.

Personal space is important for any marriage so ensuring your partner is freely expressing themselves them it creates a positive environment for the marriage to thrive. The counsellor can help identify the unhealthy patterns in your relationship and you will end up enjoying your relationship.


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